Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

                        Materials Testing

  Tensile Testing to 300K lbs., Charpy Impact Testing, Hardness Testing, Bend Testing

Metallurgical Analysis

Microstructure Analysis, Microhardness, Grain Size, Inclusion Rating, Macroetch, Decarburization

Nondestructive Testing

Industrial Radiography, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Penetrant Inspection,  Visual inspection.

Sample Preparation Facilities

Full CNC Turning and Milling Centers, Wet Abrasive Sawing.

Chemical Analysis and Verification

Optical Emission Spectrograph Analysis, Carbon and Sulfur Analysis.

Additional Services

Portable Hardness Testing, Thickness Gauging, Conductivity, Heat Treating.

Welder and Procedure Qualification Testing

Welder and procedure qualification testing in accordance with AWS Codes and Standards, ASME Section IX, NAVSEA Tech Pub 248.

We provide accredited testing and inspection services to meet the latest industry standards for quality.


Ramball Testlab regularly provides technical support to the following industries:

¨ Aerospace

¨ Automotive

¨ Shipbuilding

¨ Railroad

¨ Pressure vessel

¨ Structural Fabrication

¨ General Fabrication

¨ Construction

¨ Casting Manufacturing

¨ Forging Manufacturing

¨ Heat Treating

¨ Steel Distribution

¨ Fasteners

¨ Electronics

¨ Consumer Goods